Made in China

In our modern world it has become increasingly difficult to support our local manufacturers. A huge amount of what we buy is now made, or assembled, in China.

The economics are quite simple. Labour is cheap and plentiful.

I am not proclaiming that all Chinese labour is modern slavery but the unfortunate truth is that much of it benefits from exactly that. Even at the higher skills end of the market it is still funded by cheap local labour. A skilled worker in China is a much lower cost because his cost of living is much lower because all of his services are supplied by the lower classes who are paid a pittance.

I have spent some time in China and the gap between rich and poor is very stark.

We all want a bargain but it is time we looked at the price that others are paying for it. There is only one way this will change and that is for us to make a choice. Business and governments will not make that choice for us because they have vested interests. It is only the will of the consumer that can steer business.

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