No Deal – Is this the end of civilisation?

Here I am again, oversimplifying something that I can not possibly understand as I am a xenophobic fascist that put the tick in the wrong box…

The whole ‘No Deal’ thing is a ploy by the media and many in the government to pull the wool over the eyes of the public. The EU has made it impossible for the UK to leave with any deal at all.

If we sign the withdrawal agreement and leave tomorrow we have no future trade agreement. The EU has said that it cannot negotiate a trade deal while we are still members.

If we leave with no deal then we have no future trade agreement either.

So, what is the difference? Oh yes, we get a two year transition period and everything stays the same until then. But we have to pay around 10bn a year for this privilege.

Now, under article 24 of the WTO rules we can agree a transition period with the EU whereby nothing changes for up to 10 years. During this period the UK would not be required to pay any membership fee to the EU.

So, to this uneducated ticker of the wrong box, it would appear that the EU has offered us a withdrawal agreement that is less favourable than leaving under the terms of WTO. It has manipulated an arrangement that already existed under WTO to allow it to extract further membership fees from the UK and offered no additional benefit for this. Then it has added the Irish backstop as a lever to try to force the UK to take its solution on board.

It is interesting to note that the backstop is not an implementation of existing EU or WTO rules but a whole new idea specially formulated to gain an advantage in future trade negotiations.

It is the authors opinion that the backstop is not legal under article 5 of the human rights act as it attacks the liberty of those residing in Northern Ireland.

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