George Osborne – Are You Scared Yet?

I just sat through the Andrew Neil interview of Mr Osborne and am thinking that the end of the world is nigh…

I must admit I am more than a little bored of the rhetoric from both sides now and I hear I am not alone. Tonight Mr Osborne pushed me that little bit further away giving them the time of day.

I understand, and appreciate, that he may have a genuine passion for his beliefs but for me that is not at all how it came across. From where I sat it was nothing more than a blatant attempt to scare anyone listening into voting remain on the basis that if they did not their lifestyle would be lost forever in the biggest recession that had ever happened in the UK.

I thought Andrew Neil did a good job with the interview and he did an excellent job of pulling some old footage of Mr Cameron making various statements that he would now wish nobody had ever recorded. I chuckled as David told of how the UK would be OK outside of the EU and we did not need to be concerned. My chuckle picked up a notch to hear him say that he was going to Europe to negotiate free movement and that he would not be taking no for an answer. By the time he was declaring that he would stop child benefit leaving the UK and being sent home I was finding it hard to contain myself. But Mr Osborne just sat there and did his very best to defend his boss. He really didn’t seem to see the irony of it in the slightest. He was in complete denial and if I hadn’t of seen it I would have assumed he was deaf, blind and totally unaware of anything around him.

Anyone that watched that could not have seriously believed that he has any integrity at all. As far as George is concerned it does not matter in the least what promises his party have made, it does not matter how blatant the lies and how misleading the numbers. We just must do as he says because he has listened to a whole bunch of people that have never managed to get it right about the economy before. If we don’t, we face a 6% hit to growth (that is not as bad as the 7.2% we lost in GDP in 2008). Just to make sure he appealed to a wide enough audience he then claimed an 18% drop in house prices.

One thing that troubles me. Why do we need a chancellor that obviously could not run the UK budget post Brexit. He has made it perfectly clear that he feels a Brexit economy is beyond his capability.

Andrew Neil then drew his attention to a poster with his face on that had a backdrop claiming each household would be £4200 a year worse off after Brexit. He stood by this and made every effort to support the numbers even once it was pointed out that his own treasury has stated that the number should not be used as it was not at all representative of the facts.

Definitely a man you can trust then, a true man of integrity.

Just to balance the argument, Brexit have quoted a somewhat ambiguous number on the side of their bus. I am not defending it but at least I can see where it comes from.

If this is how the game will play out over the coming weeks then I think remain is digging an ever deeper burial pit for themselves. I hope that the public can see this for what it is and not be railroaded into a vote of fear. The tempo has been rising over the last week and it seems to be the remain campaign that is clutching at straws.

It seems unlikely to me that Brexit will come out of this on top for the same reasons that the Scottish referendum was lost. Many people will vote to stay because they worry that Brexit might change their way of life for the worst. I have heard a number of people quote some of the distorted remain campaign reasoning to qualify their intended action. Before you do the same just consider that a vote to stay does not mean a vote to stay the same. There are many things occurring in the EU that will affect life in the UK and the longer we stay the less recognisable the UK will become.

Whilst I support exit, I have friends that do not agree. All I hope is that everyone will look at the facts (if they can cut through the spin) and make their decision based upon their belief and not their fear. Whatever happens on June 23 2016 the country will still be here on June 24 and our elected leaders will do what they have been elected to do.


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