Does Anybody Know the Facts?

The Facts

If you are looking for facts on the EU referendum I fear that you are never going to find them. There is only one fact and that is, quite simply, that nobody knows the facts. It is in the interest of those that hold the aces to make it that way. It worked in the Scottish referendum and old dogs do not learn new tricks.

I genuinely would prefer to be a part of a collaborative group of countries that worked together as fair and beneficial trading partners. The fact is that the EU is striving to remove the partner element of this to become a single federalist entity. This really is a fact, the EU is not hiding anything and is heading ever closer to its unstated goal of becoming, essentially, the United States of Europe.

At the next general election who will you vote for? It is getting the stage where it really does not matter as the elected government is essentially only executing the directives that are issued from Brussels. A quick look through the upcoming intended legislation will show you that we are only going to see more of this in the next few years.



The Remain Campaign would have you believe that you can vote for the status quo. If we vote to stay then we are led to believe that we are voting for the safety of things remaining the same. This is a fatally flawed assumption as it does not need a great deal of insight to see that the EU is changing. Many European countries are struggling and the European Union has a ticking time bomb in the Euro. The economies of Greece, Italy, Spain and others are in turmoil and there is no end in sight. The UK has managed to distance itself from some of this by our abstinence from the Euro, imagine if that had been different. It is highly likely that the whole Eurozone will end up under a highly controlled Eurozone regulator that will remove the ability of the members to have any local control of their economies. If we stay will this end up as a millstone around our necks? Absolutely! There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that an under-performing Europe will hold back the UK.

The Remains argue constantly that if we want reform we can only do it from within. This is just not true. Many years have been spent trying to change the direction of Europe. David went to the other European leaders to bring about just a few small changes and mostly failed when you look at what he actually achieved.



The Brexit Campaign cannot answer the question on most people’s lips either. What will life be like after the EU? There is no definitive answer to this because the government never had any intention of this being a fair and reasonable contest. A responsible government would have explored options before a referendum was even called in the same way that a responsible government would be planning right now in case they do not get the answer that they want. But no, Mr Cameron does not even seem to have considered that he may not get his own way. Only a few months ago he was leading us to believe that he would lead the UK out of the EU if he could not negotiate a better deal. Today he tells us that leaving would be big mistake and that we would be taking a leap into the dark.

The £350M per Week

There has been much talk of the money that we pay to the EU from Brexit and much defence from Remain. It is true that the figure often quoted is a gross number and does not include the rebate that we receive or the money that is returned to the UK for various reasons such as the common agriculture policy payments made to our farmers and various other funds that are distributed. So it would seem that the number that should be discussed is our nett contribution? Well, not quite. We do receive a rebate, negotiated by our very own Iron Lady, but this is not a given right and is due for review in four years time. Of the cash that is returned to the country we have no say in where this goes and how it is used. How would you feel if your employer took a chunk of your wages and distributed it to things they thought were good for you?

The Economy

The stories of the economy crashing on exit is a complete scam. It is likely to have some impact until the dust settles but the smart money already knows that this is not going to happen. If it was really a likely scenario then the smart money would have already left. It has not…

The most likely outcome is that very little will change. It is not in anybody’s interest for the UK to totally detach from Europe. We are the world’s fifth largest economy and we consume a lot of product from Europe. Our financial markets are among the biggest in the world and we are not playing on a European stage but on a truly international one.

As part of the EU the UK can only ever hope to muddle along with it and stay at the front. By tying our future to the stagnant economies that for the EU it is unlikely that we can raise far above it. The EU may have 550 million consumers but they are not exactly affluent right now and  there are many growing economies that are not part of our club that we can not trade with without the rules imposed upon us by those looking after their own interests.


The immigration figures last week were not what anybody wanted to hear. The truth is that the figures are probably a lot better than they could have been as they are not telling the whole story. The number of national insurance numbers that were issued in the same period is a much bigger number and gives a better idea about the number of new people that came to the UK to work. Of course, the details of this statistic is not available.







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