Only Six Weeks Until We Vote

Well, the last few months have been interesting. Oh no, what am I thinking. The last few months have been incredibly frustrating.

Our elected leaders have been playing with us. Should we believe the Remain or the Brexit camp? The only truth is that neither know the future, irrespective of the decision the electorate take on June 23.

It seems to me that the Remain campaign sees the reliance on our insecurities as the route to victory and are hell bent on attacking their opposition by claiming that the Brexit brigade cannot provide a definitive answer as to what the future will look like outside of the EU.

If we decide to stay there are absolutely no guarantees what the future holds as a minority participant in a growing superstate. How will other member states now consider the UK once it has rolled over and complied with its wishes? How long will our EU contribution rebate last once we declare that we are not going anywhere anytime soon? How long before the hand is held out for a greater contribution to help fund the growing financial downfall that the EU seems to want to ignore and pretend is not happening.

If we elect to leave then it is true that we are walking into the unknown. Mr Cameron knew exactly what he was doing when he called the referendum as very short notice. The biggest decision that the country will make in a whole generation and only a few months to try to prepare. There was never any hope that anyone could organise a clean exit in that time frame and it was a more than safe bet that the public could be persuaded that it was safer to stay the same. Exactly the same sort of tactic was used to persuade the Scottish that they were better off with the devil they knew as they did not know what might come next.

As I said in a previous post I am actually pro-Europe in principle, just not at the price of becoming a tiny cog in a growing and out of control machine. The union is looking to grow further and the next generation of cheap immigrant labour will soon be upon us. Integration is a good thing but the pace needs control, have we learnt nothing from the past?

But, what am i Thinking? Mr Cameron bought us back a whole new deal from Europe and we are now to benefit from reforms that make the whole deal a whole lot better. It must be true or David would not be asking us to remain. He did say (well as much as any politician ever actually says anything…) that if he could not reach a deal he would lead us out. That may not of been his actual words but it was certainly the impression he was giving. Well he got his deal, the EU told him that he cannot choose how he spends the tax revenue that the UK collects from our citizens but they did agree that we could be excused from ever closer union. That is a relief, but I am not sure how we can avoid ever closer union when the EU makes laws that we must comply with and turns over the decisions of our judges and elected representatives.  How long did it take us to extradite Abu Hamza? and how much did it cost us all?

Of course, if i was a cynic I might point out the the referendum result is not actually legally binding and if we vote to leave I will not be at all surprised to see some serious swerving. Technically speaking, only a vote in the house of commons can start the exit process and while it might be political suicide it is not beyond imagination to think that there might be thorn or two that will stand their ground to show us who is really in charge. Or maybe a defeated leader might just call an early general election to allow a chance to claim a new mandate if they are voted back into power.

I’m just getting started now. Keep an eye out over the next few days….