To EU or not to EU?

Well, on June 23 2016 the UK will vote to decide our future in the EU.

Now, I am not a Eurosceptic and have always been Pro European but I cannot dent that recent events have tainted my previous position to the extent that I have serious doubts as to whether we are in the right club.

Like many others I have often despaired over the news stories that have surfaced that have highlighted our inability to make decisions as a sovereign country but I always assumed that if our leaders wanted or needed to act then they had that power.

Mr Cameron showed us last week just how little power the UK government has to govern our country. Don’t get me wrong, I think he achieved more than most thought was even possible but in the end he was told that he could not make a decision on how the UK spent its tax revenues without approval from the un-elected state heads of Europe. That does not sit well with me.

And today, Boris Johnson has joined the game. It will not influence my decision but it will certainly make the contest more interesting. Yesterday Mr Cameron could argue that his opponents were mainly fringe politicians that were not terribly credible. Now the twice elected Mayor of London and a fellow Etonian stands with an opposing view on one of the biggest decisions the UK has made in decades.